Competitive Advantage and Exclusivity

Proprietary solutions that are unequivocally proven to convert the power of women's healthcare influence into powerful results.

Available exclusively to one hospital per competitive market, Spirit Health Group provides your hospital with the ability to easily and markedly differentiate your position. Our hospital and health system partners gain access to year-round, multi-platform, multi-generational messaging, focusing—not just on specific areas of expertise—but more importantly, on their relationship with women and their commitment and ability to always serve them better than their competitors. Hospitals across the country partner with us to:

  • Strengthen competitive position and gain market share in their region
  • Create long-term value by monetizing the loyalty of lifetime customers throughout the entire healthcare life cycle
  • To stand out from their competitors in an era of extreme information overload
  • Convert consumer demand into immediate patient revenue
  • Help patients achieve better outcomes and live healthier lives
  • Drive demand by influencing consumer choice with a strategic focus on the household healthcare decision makers—women.
Contact us…before your competition does.